Fast internet connectivity with zero data caps and high availability


The demand for fast internet has increased exponentially across all industries. Educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, distribution and logistics companies, manufacturing firms, utility companies, and multitenant housing all need to provide speedy network connectivity for smartphones, sensors, Internet of Things devices, laptops, and other mobile devices.

But how do you provide secure, high-bandwidth network connectivity to all these devices without having to make the huge investment of building out a managed wireless networking platform? The answer is ITRM’s Wi-Fi deployment and management services. We have partnered with industry-leading cloud-based wireless networking providers to ensure you receive the right solution for your wireless network and coverage needs.

Complete wireless site survey

Our wireless site survey reveals information regarding the environment you need coverage for and its unique characteristics. We can identify dead zones, interference challenges, and other issues to ensure you get the coverage and bandwidth you need.

Based on the wireless site survey findings, we can provide a detailed design, including wireless access point placement, antenna requirements, network switches, cabling requirements, and the appropriate cloud-based wireless solution platform. Our numerous installations with the Aerohive and the Cisco Meraki platforms give us the experience and expertise to make sure your solution meets your needs and is cost-effective.

We also have a team of certified network engineers to perform rapid deployments and rollouts across the country.

Benefits of ITRM cloud-based Wi-Fi: