CIO & Project Consulting

Our consultants bridge the gap between business and technology


If you’re like most business leaders, you hardly have the time to manage your IT infrastructure, let alone plan and strategize its development. Our Chief Information Officers (CIOs) help business leaders like you to realize the business value from technology and avoid poor decisions related to technology investments.

What can a ITRM consultant do for your business?

As your CIO consultant, ITRM will recommend the right tools, best practices, and technology policies to have in place. We will act as the exclusive technology resource for your company or in conjunction with your existing team. Our focus is directed at offering a cost-effective approach to CIO services, while employing proactive methods to maintain a solid, secure, and reliable network environment. Our proven leadership and experience will transform your business’s IT capabilities, aligning technology investments with your goals.

Cloud Service and Telecom Carrier Cost Reviews

IT Risk Managers also examines your current telecom and cloud costs to ensure you get the highest return on your investment. If you have a telecom contract up for renewal, you could save thousands every year with a strategic move to another carrier. It may also make sense to have your network reviewed by our engineering team to leverage technologies like SD-WAN and fiber internet to create efficiencies, enhance security, and save money.