Remote Monitoring and Management

Automated, round-the-clock desktop and server monitoring

RMM for Desktops

ITRM’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) program manages and monitors the health of your desktops and laptops. RMM for desktops gives us the ability to perform automated tasks, scripting, proactive patch management, endpoint protection, and performance monitoring. Your desktops will be maintained, patched, updated, and secured against all forms of cyberattack.

RMM for Desktops features:

RMM for Servers

ITRM’s RMM for Servers proactively monitors and manages the health of your servers. Our proprietary intelligent monitoring system and real-time reporting provide complete visibility into your server health.

RMM for Servers features:

RMM for Servers is built around a proprietary intelligent monitoring engine, generating smarter, more actionable alerts. In conjunction with our NOC team, it provides proactive problem resolution and routine maintenance of your server environment.

ITRM’s RMM system gathers the data from your network so our NOC can proactively and effectively manage your systems.

Basic features of our RMM include: