Environmental Monitoring & Smart Building

Sensors that monitor the environmental performance of your equipment and electronic appliances in real time

ITRM implements IP-based monitoring, building automation, and sensor solutions to manage HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, machines, water pumps, and other systems to drive efficiencies and provide cost savings.

With our smart sensors, you’ll receive real-time notifications about temperature readings, machine feedback, freezing pipe alerts, water leakage alerts, power outage alerts, faulty equipment alerts, and much more.

HVAC Systems Monitoring

Sometimes HVAC systems can run for months in an inefficient state, racking up huge utility costs and damaging the units. Our monitoring solution will help you identify issues like malfunctioning air handlers, fans, and leaks to help you keep a handle on energy expenses and maintenance costs. Our cloud app also prevents unnecessary maintenance visits.

Production Lines, Mixing & Baking Equipment

Monitor your facilities to ensure temperatures, machines, and lines are optimal for your production and storage needs. Measure vibration, amps, voltages, velocities, tilt, pressure, and have the data in the palm of your hand.

Property and Building Management

Apartment building and facility managers are faced with constant pressure to reduce energy spending, protect assets, and protect tenants. Our environmental monitoring solutions can inform you of water leakage, humidity, and mold issues.

Utility, Industrial, and Manufacturing Facilities

Our remote monitoring solutions give you insight into your industrial systems. Our solutions can measure gas, liquid, or vapor pressures. We also have the ability to measure vibrations, amperage, temperature, and voltage, alerting you to any system’s performance issues.

Food Processing and Food Storage Facilities

Our solutions can give you real-time visibility into every aspect of your supply chain. You can continuously monitor temperatures to ensure they’re optimal for your production and storage needs. Real-time logging keeps you in compliance with the latest FDA regulations, and ensures you meet stringent FSMA food safety regulations.

Fleet Monitoring and Transport Monitoring

ITRM’s smart sensors allow you to track and monitor your products and goods during the entire cold chain transportation process.

Restaurants, Convenience Stores, and Supermarkets

Compliance issues, spoilage, and legal issues necessitate monitoring and management of all food and beverage products. Our sensors give you the ability to manage and maintain all cold storage. You can monitor the performance of your refrigerated systems, monitor what you store in them, and be alerted to any issues or failures.