Network Operations Center

Rest assured your systems are carefully monitored 24/7/365

NOC Technical Overview

The ITRM Network Operations Center (NOC) is mission control for all our clients’ systems. Our NOC is responsible for creating alerts and tickets related to server performance, network performance, and data backup issues. These tickets may be for issues as simple as system restarts or as complicated as full site outages requiring on-site dispatch.

Our NOC’s extensive knowledgebase resolves issues and performs remediation quickly and efficiently. This 24/7 troubleshooting is transparent, unobtrusive, and plays a huge part in keeping your systems available and maintained.

NOC Service Goals

We set high performance expectations for NOC support teams, not just for the quality of the work they deliver, but for responding to requests in a timely manner consistent with an issue’s severity. Our NOC, in conjunction with our other services, ensures your systems are up and ready for business.

Issues We Resolve

ITRM’s NOC handles thousands of alerts daily, and millions throughout the year. Our team is available 24/7 to make sure issues are dealt with to keep your systems available. Below are typical alerts that the NOC sees.

  • Health Checks for Exchange — this includes running the Best Practice Analyzer and fixing any detected issues
  • Defrag and repair of Exchange servers
  • Update expired web certificates
  • Configure recipient update policies for multiple domains
  • Outlook web or Outlook Anywhere Access
  • DAG replication
  • Active Sync issues
  • Spam issues
  • Auto discovery feature issues
  • Restore mailboxes as part of a disaster recovery
  • Outlook calendar issues
  • Health Checks of configurations, including vCPU and memory, and network setup
  • Review error logs using vSphere or vCenter
  • Reconfigure VMs and host data stores
  • Health Checks including network setup, memory cache, RAID configuration
  • Configure VMs
  • Login issues
  • Gateway policies
  • Web Access
  • Single Sign-On
  • Licensing
  • Session issues (including timeout, printing, broken gateway, user profile, certificates)
  • Remote
  • Application access
    RDP port
  • Login
  • Secure gateway
  • Web access
  • Single Sign-On
  • Licensing
  • Session issues, including time out, printing user profile, certificate Publish Application, including access, streaming, and publishing issues
  • Port
  • Load balancing
  • XTE Service
  • Email delivery issues
  • Server performance issues, including high CPU, low memory, memory leaks, and slow response
  • Group Policy failures
  • Windows server errors (including blue screens, memory dumps, and errors related to third-party applications, on a best effort basis)

The ITRM NOC provides technical support 24/7/365. Our 650+ technicians monitor your servers, desktops, and endpoints.

Basic features of our NOC include: