Security Assessments

Our assessments are essential in uncovering risks and developing mitigation strategies

Today’s businesses are facing an ever-changing landscape of compliance requirements from various regulatory bodies. The cornerstone of compliance is to have your IT environment’s systems and controls assessed and audited to validate their security.

However, passing a compliance audit doesn’t make your systems secure. Our assessments have two goals. One is to provide the reporting and backup you need to meet compliance and audit requirements. The second goal is to ensure your systems are secure from the various threats all companies are facing regarding data breaches, data theft, and fraud.

An Overview of ITRM Security Assessments

Our security assessments begin with a Security Review and Gap Analysis. We review your key assets, security strategy and controls, and your IT infrastructure. From there, we prioritize your top vulnerabilities and risks, and recommend security control solutions. The report provides the basis for your future security strategy, prioritizing budgets and the method and order needed to implement security risk solutions.

We then conduct various tests to diagnose actual security vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure. These tests can be completed in conjunction with a security review or conducted separately, depending on your goals and needs.

We use the most advanced tools to assess the vulnerabilities of your systems in different areas, including network vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, phishing tests, and configuration testing. Areas may include wireless network environments, VoIP environments, local network environments, WAN environments, application environments, and server and desktop environments, to name a few.


Our team is comprised of security experts, including CISSPs, White Hat Hackers, and Certified Penetration Testers. With our technical security expertise and compliance experts, rest assured we can meet your security assessment and audit requirement needs.

What’s included in our Security Assessments: