Security Operations Center

With ITRM’s experienced SOC team on board, your data is monitored and protected 24/7

The mainstay of ITRM’s cybersecurity and compliance offering is our Security Operations Center (SOC). With the increase of attacks and intrusions, particularly those involving ransomware, perimeter security solutions are no longer enough to protect your business.

Perimeter solutions such as firewalls, virus protection, and anti-spam tools are the first line of defense in your security strategy. But the most important component in today’s security landscape is the ability to detect and respond to an intrusion. This is where ITRM’s Security Operations Center comes in.

Our Security Operations Center is staffed by security experts who always guard your networks and data. They’ll monitor your systems and review event logs to ensure potential breaches are detected and stopped quickly.

Our Security Operations Center team detects potential breaches and responds accordingly, protecting your data and preventing costly downtime.

Benefits of ITRM’s Security Operations Center: