Business Continuity

Our experts keep a watchful eye over your servers, ready to act should any problems arise

Having your data backed up locally and in the cloud is only the first step in a successful Disaster Recovery plan. The next step is being able to quickly restore your data, systems, and operations.

This is where the Business Continuity feature of ITRM’s Replay solution comes in. It can be difficult to measure the exact cost and damage of failure. Your company may lose production time, delay shipments, and lose employee productivity, not to mention damage to your brand and reputation.

Consider this formula to calculate costs associated with a disaster or unplanned downtime:

Cost of Downtime Per Hour = Lost Revenue + Lost Productivity + Cost to Recover + Cost of Intangibles

Downtime not only eliminates potential new revenue, but also halts outputs for existing customers and revenue.

To mitigate the risks of downtime, our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution includes Business Continuity. This means your local backup appliance has enough processing power to take over network responsibilities in the event of a server failure.

How it works

Our backup appliance is in place, creating copies of your data locally and transferring them to our state-of-the-art data center. To minimize the risk of data loss, we have technicians proactively monitoring the entire backup process to ensure it’s up to standard.


In the event of a server crash, our appliance takes over the failed servers and restores your data quickly. Your business will be up and running in minutes — not hours or days.

ITRM’s Business Continuity services include: