Private Cloud

Apps and data delivered over the internet from hosted servers reserved for your company only

ITRM Private Cloud solutions include VMware, HPE SimpliVity, and Red Hat. You’ll have full control over your hardware and cloud infrastructure, which enables you to meet unpredictable computing and processing needs. Our Private Cloud also gives you better control to meet security governance and compliance requirements.

Fully Managed

We manage your entire hosting infrastructure, including hardware and the cloud platform, so you can focus on your Virtual Machines (VM) and applications.


Each single-tenant Private Cloud solution includes a firewall, load balancer, and a dedicated vCenter for your VMs to separate your infrastructure and safeguard your data.


Server nodes built on premium dedicated hardware combine with ultra-fast NetApp SAN storage for VMs to deliver maximum speed, scalability, and reliability.

Our Private Cloud is fully backed by industry-leading SLAs. Expert support with any issue is never more than a minute away.

Benefits of ITRM Private Cloud solutions: