Backup & Disaster Recovery

More than just a backup service, it’s a complete fail-safe for your servers and data

Disasters happen — is your business prepared?

Confidential financial records, product information, and many other forms of data are crucial to your business’s survival. Unfortunately, a natural disaster, like a fire or a flood, or a human-made disaster, like burglary or sabotage, can happen at anytime and have the potential to shut down your business if you don’t have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan in place. This is where ITRM comes in.


ITRM’s Backup & Disaster Recovery

ITRM uses advanced backup tools to create multiple copies of your data and store them in state-of-the-art data centers. We also provide a comprehensive, step-by-step business continuity plan to ensure you can resume operations quickly after your systems have been restored.

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Cloud Backup

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Data Security

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Why partner with IT Risk Managers?

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Thorough Assessments

We’ll review your IT environment and determine the best backup and recovery plan.

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Daily Backups

We’ll create multiple copies of your data to maximize availability.

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Detailed Procedures

You’ll receive a step-by-step guide to the entire disaster recovery process.

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